Removing barriers, Building possibilities

As the world’s largest neuro powered media company, we leverage our technology & private marketplace distribution to take the interruption out of advertising and integrate it into a contextually relevant experience for the user.

GlassView Origin

Unlike eye tracking and other biodata, which can indicate attention but not affinity, the GlassView Origin headband directly measures a user's engagement, emotion and memory straight from the brain. GlassView and its customers will use the data to fine-tune ads and drive engagement, creating a more enhanced experience for target audiences and more effective advertising for brand owners.

GlassView Effect

GlassView procures premium inventory for specific campaigns - allowing us to sit higher in the publisher priority stack, get quality placements, and be more organically aligned with contextually relevant content.

Glassview Effect
Emotion Based Targeting

Our use of facial recognition allows us to understand how audiences are responding to each creative on an emotional level, allowing for better optimization outcomes.

Smart Gamma

Combining financial trading principles with deep-rooted media expertise to drive maximum performance.

smart gamma
IoT & Wearables

GlassView provides delivery on Wearables and IOT products, offering a unique interface to interact with users.

Metaverse Gaming

We are delivering in frontier gaming and metaverse environments - these represent significant scaling potential amongst audiences with millions of unique users worldwide.


Our proprietary Wall Street style algorithm scrapes ⅔ of the open web, identifying rising trends and securing relevant inventory before the Real-Time Bidding environment has picked up on it.

Job Title Targeting

We source job titles directly from LinkedIn and Facebook, delivering across the open web to build scale and drive performance.



The New York TImes
The Guardian
Wall Street Journal
The Economist
Harpers Bazaar