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GlassView are the inventors of AI powered NeuroMarketing at Scale. We are building the largest neuromarketing data set in history. This actionable insight will allow us to deliver and optimize superior marketing messages, and, perhaps most importantly, help us fund cutting edge neuroscience initiatives to improve brain health and ameliorate disease.

Neuromarketing to fuel Neurological Health. We are fueling brain health, one media campaign at a time.

GlassView's strategic investment in brain health startup Cogwear advances a new neuromarketing headband. The patent-pending device, designed to look and feel like a comfortable athletic headband, senses emotions, subconscious reactions and other physiological feedback directly from the brain in real time. It can gauge audience affinity for products and brands shown in digital video advertisements, so that advertisers can optimize creative content toward receptive audiences. In essence, we are unlocking the subconscious to elevate your brand.

Moreover, the acquisition of tens of millions of anonymized neurological data points is already well underway. In fact, we are building out the largest neurological data set in history.

"An ad can't be effective if it doesn't first engage the consumer. But afterward, it must make them feel.  Studies have repeatedly shown that directly measuring the brain for engagement, emotion and memory in even just a handful of volunteers can predict the behavior of millions of people along a variety of dimensions from click-through-rates to sales. It's the trifecta of consumer psychology," explained Dr. Michael L. Platt, Cogwear's co-founder and GlassView Board member. Platt is also the director of the Wharton Neuroscience Initiative.

"Engagement alone is dead. From now on emotion will be the most important metric in advertising. With neuro-data we can shape campaigns and truly connect with people at scale. It will create a better online experience for both brands and consumers," said James Brooks, CEO and founder of GlassView.

Most importantly, GlassView's investment will support Cogwear's research and commercialization in other areas, including health and wellness, which are Cogwear's primary markets. The company is pursuing FDA clearance for use of its headband as a clinical diagnostic tool for anxiety, depression and detection of early-onset Alzheimer's. Cogwear is also working to monitor focus, fatigue and potential brain injuries in high-impact sports.

"Cogwear is about health, peace and performance. This strategic investment from GlassView will help us accelerate growth in our core markets, while expanding into a promising new segment," said David Yonce, Cogwear CEO.

GlassView will not have access to any personally identifiable information, nor specific information about the biological and neurological health of customers. Additionally, all volunteers will explicitly opt in to participate. Cogwear is governed by the strictest privacy laws that govern the healthcare industry, including but not limited to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, as well as state and local laws..

Key benefits:

Better media optimization using neuroscience

Better media optimization using neuroscience