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12月 31, 2017

At the most basic level, digital transformation can be defined as the use of digital solutions to solve traditional problems. In the advertising and marketing space, successful digital transformation allows companies to simplify process flow, take new technologies and innovate, and achieve better campaign performance and ROI. Its importance can be seen through a recent IDG survey referenced by Forbes, which described how crucial it is for both startups and enterprise-level organizations.

89% of enterprises have plans to adopt or have already adopted digital-first business strategies, and this number rises to 95% for startups. Additionally, the benefits of going digital are readily apparent, especially for less established organizations. Survey results showed that startups can increase revenue by 34% by relying on digital-first strategies.

So what is the key to effectively harnessing the power of digital? We have some experience with this - through GlassView's 360 degree solution, we allow brands to reach their target audience and drive superior performance. Here is the four-step process that we follow:

Discovery and Analysis

The first step is to establish campaign goals and use research to develop a sound brand strategy. This means evaluating KPIs and determining exactly who your target audience is. Regarding KPIs, delivery strategy can greatly vary depending on whether your brand is looking for upper-funnel brand awareness plays or more lower-funnel DR campaigns.

Your brand must also find out how your consumers and prospects interact with your brand and where they consume content, be it through specific devices they use, the types of sites they frequent, what geographic region they are located in, and more. Once you've established your target audience and what your campaign goals are, you can go more in-depth on how you intend to reach your audience.


In our four years in the digital video space, we've learned what works and what doesn't. To ensure you reach and exceed your campaign objectives, we deliver on a blend of premium sites, contextual blogs, CTV platforms, Content Discovery services, and mobile apps.

Through our 2,000+ publisher partnerships, we have access to over 50,000 sites and over 5 million advertising zones. We're also able to implement numerous targeting layers through our integration with first and third-party data providers, including contextual, behavioral, demographic, psychographic, and more. Through our global reach of 1.63 billion and our extensive targeting capabilities, we can reach any audience segment you need, no matter how broad or niche.

Deliver and Optimize

Once we've established a strategy, we deliver the campaign, tracking and optimizing toward performance in real-time. This includes page and zone-level optimizations, which are the key to our exceptional performance. If we see a campaign performing poorly on the New York Times homepage due to high bounce rates, we can target more granularly into high-performing articles. This allows us to maintain delivery on top-tier sites while continuing to guarantee excellent performance.


We offer comprehensive reporting on over 100 metrics, including completed views, click-through rates, share rates, and more. Additionally, we run brand uplift surveys that give insight into purchase intent, brand favorability, brand affinity, and much more. Through our comprehensive post-campaign wrap-up reports, we give you all the key campaign metrics, insights, and recommendations that you need.

Running a digital video campaign can be challenging, especially for brands that are not very familiar with the space. By partnering with GlassView to distribute your campaign, you can be sure that you are getting an engaged team of experts that will help you reach and exceed your objectives. To see how you can benefit from working with us, contact us or check out our works page.