GlassView Video Distribution Platform Propels Attention to RIP Medical Debt Through Emotion-Driven Advertising Campaign

1月 31, 2023

NEW YORK, Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, GlassView, the world's largest independent video advertising distribution and performance platform, and RIP Medical Debt, the national nonprofit working to abolish medical debt for people in financial need, announced that a strategic recalibration of advertising efforts, driven in part by an emotional and attention response analysis, has resulted in tens of thousands of additional website views and a deeper understanding of how the issue of medical debt resonates with everyday Americans.

Through a revitalized, attention-driven advertising campaign, GlassView has helped RIP Medical Debt get in front of donors during a rocky year for philanthropic giving. Shockingly, disgust was the driving factor.

An analysis of two RIP Medical Debt video advertisements, audited through Realeyes, the audience attention measurement software, discovered high attention volume, with more than 50% of viewers attentive to narratives within both advertisements. These targeted advertisements evoked measurable negative emotions, like disgust and confusion, associated with pervasive medical debt, and highlighted successful message delivery driving consumers to action.

"RIP Medical Debt has accomplished a monumental endeavor–the erasure of $8.5 billion in medical debt for 5.5 million people, one of the biggest economical burdens in our country," said James G. Brooks, Jr., Founder and CEO of GlassView. "Through our ad analysis, we could see the measurement of disgust increase for viewers watching the tracked creative. People rely on emotions to make decisions, and brands measuring emotion in their advertising will create deeper connections with consumers, encouraging them to act and build long-term loyalty."

"The insights we received from the emotional response study were fascinating and shed a lot of light on everyday people's responses to the medical debt crisis," shares RIP CEO and president Allison Sesso. "This sentiment tracking will directly inform the public facing materials we create going forward and help us continue to remove the stigma associated with this important issue. In these times of economic uncertainty, we will be more informed and better equipped to fundraise effectively and abolish medical debt for people in need."

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