GlassView Unveils Brand Shield

10月 25, 2015

GlassView, the cutting-edge social video platform, today announced the launch of Brand Shield, a suite of technologies and practices provided to all GlassView clients. Brand Shield is designed to protect advertisers from ad fraud and ensure viewability by detecting bot activity, ad injection and other illegitimate modes of impressions.

Featuring always-on monitoring to secure ad delivery to audiences, GlassView's Brand Shield includes independent third-party verifications from systems which detect bot activity; provide MRC-accredited viewability; offer measures of ad effectiveness and accountability; and monitor for fraudulent traffic.

In addition, as a human-powered programmatic social video platform, GlassView's in-house brand safety experts monitor the software and conduct daily check-ins.

"The launch of GlassView's Brand Shield demonstrates our industry-leading commitment to viewability and ensuring authentic delivery of brands' social videos to the human audiences they aim to reach," says Michael Goefron, Managing Director of Accounts and GlassView Chief Brand Safety Officer. "Brand Shield provides full protection for our clients so they can have complete confidence in their social video distribution campaigns."

The launch of Brand Shield follows GlassView's recent introduction of its new product, Branded In-Read, which solves the problem of disappearing In-Read video.

GlassView's Board of Directors includes former Creative Director Candy Pratts Price; CBS Revenue & Operations Executive Director Dennis Colon; former LVMH North America Chairman Renaud Dutreil, who previously held several Ministerial positions in the French Government; former Conde Nast executive Stephanie Newhouse; Active International Chief Strategy Officer Jim Porcarelli, formerly of MediaCom; and Gregory Baker, former UK Minister of Energy & Climate Change and current member of the House of Lords.

About GlassView:

Founded in 2015, GlassView's mission is to ensure clients' videos appear on top-tier sites to connect with the most engaged influencers, as well as a massive global audience. The GlassView social video platform offers access to over 250 million unique users in the United States, reaching 98% of the connected country, and over 1.1 billion unique users globally. This inventory, along with the targeting capabilities and techniques, allow advertisers to achieve the most effective social video campaigns. GlassView distinguishes itself with top-tier placements and a strong focus on performance, driving results that are multiples of industry averages. GlassView's team and Board of Directors features executives from Conde Nast, MediaCom, Active International and LVMH. For more information on GlassView, please visit