GlassView Turns Trending Topic into a Sold-Out Event for Represent.Us

8月 12, 2019

Represent.Us' "Unrig the System Summit” became a trending topic on Twitter in New Orleans and made national news for sold-out event

NEW YORK, March XX, 2018 -- GlassView's video distribution strategy for Represent.Us' recent summit in New Orleans caused the event to become a trending topic on Twitter in that city, made national news and generated a sold-out crowd.

Formed in 2014, Represent.Us seeks to unify liberals and conservatives against government corruption. The group, which includes actress Jennifer Lawrence and director Adam McKay, convened over 40 organizations for the Unrig the System Summit from Feb. 2-4.

"The weekend was a enormous success and because of GlassView's distribution strategy, we sold out early,” said Josh Graham Lynn, managing director and cofounder of Represent.Us. "GlassView's team dug in and helped us get the most out of our campaign. The results were absolutely incredible, and everyone who attended and watched from home is now more deeply connected to this movement.”

"There have been many groups and activities formed in response to the current political climate, but very few are focused on fixing the root problems -- our broken democratic systems,” said James G. Brooks Jr., Founder & CEO of GlassView. "Represent.Us is an exception, bringing together grassroots progressives and conservatives (and everyone in between) in support of initiatives that will fundamentally transform the laws that shape our political system. It was our privilege to support their efforts with this important social video campaign.”

The organization enlisted GlassView to help get the word out across all sides of the political spectrum. GlassView distributed a series of six videos promoting the Represent.Us event, leveraging its proprietary QuickDraw technology. QuickDraw applies data-driven algorithmically enhanced media buying technology to let marketers capitalize on trending topics and buy ads against related topics before they hit critical mass. By tracking trends in politics and delivering the Represent.Us messaging to target attendees, GlassView was able to reach a highly engaged audience, increasing awareness of and engagement for the organization and its February summit.

As a result, the videos received a click-through rate that was 113 percent above the industry benchmark. In the lead-up to the event, the hashtag #UnRigTheSystem was also trending on Twitter in New Orleans. The event also made national news, also thanks to Lawrence's speech about how to remove corruption in politics.

GlassView's team includes a Board of Directors comprised of former LVMH North America Chairman Renaud Dutreil, who previously held several ministerial positions in the highest levels of French Government; Chien Chung (Didi) Pei, chairman of the China Institute and partner in the legendary Pei Partnership Architects; Beauty and Well Being Founder & Editor Clémence von Mueffling; Jim Porcarelli, Co-founder of MediaCom North America; former Conde Nast executive Stephanie Newhouse; CBS Revenue & Operations Executive Director Dennis Colon; former Creative Director Candy Pratts Price; and Gregory Baker, former UK Minister of Energy & Climate Change and current member of the House of Lords.

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