GlassView QuickDraw: Bringing High-Frequency Trading to Media

12月 31, 2017

This past week, Business Insider published an article detailing the extent to which hedge funds and research organizations are scraping the internet for data to inform their strategy. One of the most eye-popping statistics said that these institutions accounted for about 10.2 billion page visits per day, and if that didn't seem like a lot to begin with, that number is expected to grow even more within the next few years.

Asset managers have bought data on topics like weather trends, oil output, flight patterns, and more, but there is another space where they can capitalize on data-scraping: media.

GlassView QuickDraw brings this Wall Street-style high-frequency trading to the advertising world, aggregating data that covers two-thirds of the open web to identify trending topics and purchase related media ahead of the curve at lower cost. Developed by Goldman Sachs alumni, data sources include Google search, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Reddit, and more, which are then used to show popular keywords and a trend graph of how steep the uptick in mentions was.

We've used this technology to run successful campaigns across a multitude of verticals and can tout this success with metrics. One of these campaigns was for a leading consumer electronics client who was focused on aligning itself with top trending music, entertainment, and pop culture content.

While we used QuickDraw technology at various points in the campaign, one specific example occurred during Cardi B's first performance since giving birth back in August. GlassView QuickDraw noted an uptick in mentions for keywords like Migos, MSG, and Cardi B. This information was then used to contextually target the desired audience through the use of these and other related keywords.

By combining GlassView's preferred publisher network with keywords that aligned with the client's campaign objectives, the client was able to secure placements on contextually relevant, top-tier site, leading to strong performance. In addition to engagement metrics like a CTR +5.33x above industry benchmark and a VCR +49.83% above industry benchmark, cost-efficiency metrics were impressive as well.

The client saw a CPC Efficiency that was +84% above the campaign goal and CPCV Efficiency +34% above the campaign goal. Through GlassView QuickDraw's high-frequency trading and data scraping capabilities, the client was able to drive high performance at a low cost.

That same Business Insider article mentioned that in 2018, web-scraping bots made up 51% of total web page visits each day. In our increasingly data-driven world, it's clear that these types of tools will play a major role in every industry's future. With GlassView QuickDraw, we're leading the way in media and keeping our clients ahead of the game.