GlassView Puts Brands in Better Focus for Videos

4月 22, 2015

Advertisers have a new partner in ensuring their campaigns are reaching target audiences.

GlassView officially launched Wednesday as the social video platform offering brands a “human-powered approach” to programmatic, providing a unique combination of access and scale. Already, GlassView is boasting access to top-tier inventory coupled with 250 million unique users in the United States and more than 1.1 billion across the globe.

“In today’s constantly evolving media landscape, social videos are quickly becoming the most effective way to achieve the highest levels of brand awareness,” GlassView founder and CEO James G. Brooks, Jr. said in a company press release. “What distinguishes GlassView from our competition is our emphasis on providing the most cost-effective and efficient way for brands to distribute their videos on top-tier sites.”

The company’s site explains that because the Internet is filled with “run of the mill” ads, it has a vision for elegant Web space that works hand-in-hand for consumers, brands and publishers.

“GlassView is a new type of marketplace for brands and publishers, designed for the modern Internet. The world’s leading brands and their agencies use GlassView Advertising Exchange (GvX) to drive engagement for their original brand content on premium websites,” the site explains. “Top media companies use our software platform to create, manage, and monetize elegant, social video advertising on their sites for all kinds of devices.”

Using GlassView’s technology, advertisers can have their message integrated into a contextually relevant experience. This means a better user experience for consumers, higher user engagement and, overall, a better Internet.