GlassView Brings High-Frequency Trading and Analytics to Video Media Buying

12月 17, 2017

NEW YORK, Aug. 29, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- We all know that smart brands buy media placements that align with consumer interest. But what if brands could make those purchases ahead of the trends, in anticipation of future consumer interest?

That's the premise behind social video marketplace leader GlassView's proprietary new high-frequency trading (HFT) platform, GlassView Quick Draw™, developed in partnership with Upswell, the cutting edge business service provider in data science & technology development and startup solutions. GlassView and Upswell will use data-driven algorithmically enhanced media buying technology to let marketers capitalize on trending topics and buy ads against related topics before they hit critical mass and become more expensive, resulting in superior ROI.

The new platform will combine public big data sources such as Twitter, Google, Facebook, Reddit and other internet sources with GlassView's extensive knowledge of the ad buying space, and run it through Upswell's real-time analytics and proprietary algorithms to generate results that will guide the high-frequency ad trading.

For instance, using the technology, a brand might capitalize on a trending topic or celebrity tweet by buying advertising against media related to either. GlassView deployed the technology this spring, for example, for a fashion e-commerce client. Noting a spike in mentions and pageviews around Rihanna's Comme des Garçons gown during this spring's Met Ball, the beta version of GlassView Quick Draw™ allowed for immediate ad placement next to stories about the dress, which resulted in a spike in sales for the client.

Unlike financial HFT which gives disproportionate advantage to some institutions over others, the GlassView Quick Draw™ technology benefits advertisers and publishers alike. Publishers benefit by having early detection of trending topics. Consumers benefit because it allows publishers to write more timely stories that consumers are interested in.

"The benefits of this technology are limitless," said James G. Brooks, GlassView's Founder & CEO. "It no longer makes sense for publishers to sell packages months in advance around pre-planned out editorial content in our up-to-the-second, media-obsessed world. Advertisers need a data-driven solution that allows them to get ahead of the trends."

Avinash Kaza, co-founder and CEO of Upswell and formerly of Goldman Sachs, noted, "In my former life on the trading floor, we always observed how speed and information were invaluable. GlassView is looking to apply those same principles on behalf of its clients. Bringing real time information and HFT to AdTech allows GlassView to increase ROI for both its advertising and publishing clients."

While Business Insider and Reddit built their respective media brands by capitalizing quickly on trending topics, advertisers have been slower to exploit the idea. Madison Avenue has used HFT technology for media arbitrage – re-selling underpriced ads on the market – but not for ad placement.

Founded in 2015, GlassView has headquarters in New York, and offices in Tokyo, Singapore, London, Paris, San Francisco and Dubai, among other locations. GlassView's team includes a Board of Directors comprised of former LVMH North America Chairman Renaud Dutreil, who previously held several ministerial positions in the highest levels of French Government; Chien Chung (Didi) Pei, chairman of the China Institute and partner in the legendary Pei Partnership Architects; Beauty and Well Being Founder & Editor Clémence von Mueffling; Jim Porcarelli, Co-Founder of MediaCom North America; former Conde Nast executive Stephanie Newhouse; CBS Revenue & Operations Executive Director Dennis Colon; former Creative Director Candy Pratts Price; and Gregory Baker, former UK Minister of Energy & Climate Change and current member of the House of Lords.

About GlassView GlassView's mission is to ensure clients' videos appear on top-tier sites reaching the most engaged influential audiences. Best known for delivering the highest level of performance, the GlassView social video platform offers access to over 1.5 billion unique users worldwide, and over 250 million unique users in the United States (comscore Nov 2016), reaching 98% of the connected country. The GlassView team and Board of Directors features executives from Conde Nast, MediaCom, and LVMH. Launched in 2015, GlassView is headquartered in New York City and has offices around the world including Tokyo, Singapore, London, Paris, San Francisco and Dubai. For more information on GlassView, please visit

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