Beats By Dr.Dre

+88.49%CPC Efficiency
+34.48%CPCV Efficiency


GlassView’s relevant placements and targeting strategy successfully drove consumers to Beats’ desired landing page, as seen through a CTR +5.3x above the industry benchmark.

The campaign also captured the attention of audience members, therefore increasing awareness – this could be seen through a completion rate +50% above the industry benchmark.

The use of GlassView’s QuickDraw algorithms allowed Beats to drive excellent engagement for a much lower cost, as shown as a CPC Efficiency +84.19% above the industry benchmark and a CPCV efficiency +34.48% above the industry benchmark.


To ensure that Beats received the best bang for their buck, GlassView implemented its revolutionary QuickDraw technology to place ads next to trending topics and keywords – for example, some ads were placed near content relating to the “In My Feelings” dance challenge.

Additionally, demographic, geographic, contextual, and behavioral targeting layers were implemented to secure placements on sites that the target audience visited frequently.


GlassView and Beats By Dre partnered to create a campaign focused on awareness and driving action to the Beats “Made Defiant” landing page, targeting a specific audience of: A18-29; who live by music and are trendy, fashionable, and eager to stand out in a crowd; are sports fan and gamers; and are passionate about social justice and community involvement

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